The Ultimate Bad Boy discussion | Throwback Monday

Who doesn’t like bad boys?

Now, be honest. Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Even if you’d like to deny it, bad boys have this something special that compels us to love them. As for the reasons why, that’s when this discussion comes into play. Why are bad boys so lovable? Why do we end up being a puddle of drool when we read about them?

Welcome to the ultimate bad-boy discussion.

Some of you – those rare and beautiful souls that have been following me since the beginning of time – might recall me posting a very similar discussion in the past. Well you, my beloved reader, are absolutely right. Furthermore, not only I have already shared a post about bad boys, this is that particular post. The nerve! I know know, I have no shame really. Funny thing about migrating a blog from wordpress to self-hosted, some posts get lost in limbo. But I am not here to complain about my uselessness at anything IT related. This one was one of those posts that for some reason didn’t get through. And I just thought, dang what a waste of wonderful gifs and ironic remarks. So, here it is! In the shape of a Throwback Monday (because tbt is just too mainstream).

After thinking about how to approach this discussion and while it would be a lot of fun to make a bad-boy-type compilation, I think it will be better if we focus in the reasons why we always end up loving this trope. What exactly lies behind our drooling and swooning behavior when a bad boy comes into the picture?

The Ultimate Bad Boy Discussion

They don’t know it, but bad boys want to be saved by us

Bad boys are troubled, and we want to compulsively save them. A good bad boy will be of troubled nature, that’s one of the characteristics that makes them a bad boy to begin with. I think one of the main reasons we keep falling for this trope in particular is because we feel the need to rescue them. It is hard for us, good girls, to fight our obligation with the world to open the bad boy’s eyes and be his savior.


Once cracked open, bad boys are sweet and fuzzy creatures

We want to believe that below that black leather jacket, tattooed arms and *insert bad boy stereotype for bad boy effect* there’s a tender and sweet heart. Between the many skills bad boys have mastered, building a wall in order to protect their fragile hearts is one of high importance. But we know better, we are aware of that and are certain that behind all that facade there’s a warm and fuzzy heart waiting to be cracked open. And loved – by us of course.


We see through a bad boy’s almost narcissistic self-assurance

Being confident and self-assured is a bad boy’s full time job. At first, I don’t think we love them because of that, but in despite of it. However, at the end of the day self-assurance can be sexy and one of reasons we feel attracted to bad boys. They know what they are, what they want and they will act accordingly. But we will not be fooled! Oh no, we see through that. Plenty.


Behind all those bad words there is a good boy with good intentions

They might pretend to be full of bad words but that’s only a way to pull off the bad boy vibe. Again, and because we are the best in reading between lines, we know that behind all that crap there are only good intentions. To protect their love interest, even if it’s by scaring her/him away, or to protect their fragile bad boy hearts.


A bad boy is forever waiting for THE ONE. And we want desperately to be that

Who doesn’t want to be the person that settles the bad boy down? The one that he’s been waiting for. And more specifically, the only one that will ever borrow his leather jacket. From the point a bad boy comes to the realization that he’s met THE ONE, everything changes. There are a thousand ways this can go (denial, tears, fights, more denial, maybe a new tattoo…) but only one outcome: the settling down of the bad boy and the consequent bursting of our hearts.


They are equally and undeniably annoying and alluring

Bad boys will piss the hell out of everyone. Specially, their love interest. But that’s just something else we love about them. It is well known for us – like, since kindergarten – that the boy’s way of showing interest is by pulling the girl’s hair. Obviously, the meaning behind that behavior doesn’t change through the years – because guys don’t ever grow up. Oops, different discussion!. The bad boy will be annoying with his love interest because that’s on his nature, and that only makes him more alluring. Getting under our skin is just a way to make us think about him 24/7.


The more impossible is the potential relationship with a bad boy, the more effort, drool and swoon will be put into it

We want forbidden. We like forbidden and we will be compelled by it. This is a key concept in explaining why we fall time and time again for bad boys. It is in the human nature to want what we can not have. And if said forbidden object has a sexy attitude, a leather jacket and a golden heart, well, then we are just doomed.


A bad boy is not only bad but also adventurous, dangerous, perilous and treacherous

Bad boys are not safe, they present an escape to monotony and routine. They represent excitement, danger and adventure. Something the one attracted to them is most probably lacking, so they are like a big LED sign that says “Do you want to be adventurous, dangerous, perilous and treacherous with me?” Or any other -ous adjective you can think of.


We are independent women, but we like to be unconditionally protected and cherished

A good bad boy will protect his love interest at all costs. Some secretly, others sacrificing something dear for them and some others with their fists – I don’t support violence, but still. Please get my point. I consider myself independent, but I also find myself swooning when a main character is protected by a bad boy love interest. Of course, a good bad boy will know where to draw the line between protection and overprotection. And if he doesn’t, we know he can be changed and saved and then, loved. BY US.


What do you think? Are these reasons enough to convert you into a bad-boy-lover? 😀 Please leave your comments below! And of course, don’t take me too seriously, this was just a funny approach to why we keep falling for this big fat cliche, or at least why I keep doing so 🙂

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