Shadowhunters TV Show Cast: Clary

Okay, before reading this post you should know that I have a girl-crush on Lily Collins. I loved her as Clary, I think she is a very talented actress and despite all the blahblah about her not being a red haired or her not being the proper shade or dyed red, she made a wonderful Clary. Remember: she was Cassandra’s first and personal choice cast for the movie.

Filling Lily Collins shoes has to be hard…

Having said that, our new Clary Fray will be played by Katherine McNamara.

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I am guessing you can notice my lack of enthusiasm. I am trying really hard not to be too judgmental before hand. I know, we should wait to see them in character and all that jazz. But so far, I am rather disappointed with Jace and Clary choices, they are just not my Jace and Clary.

What I have read on goodreads discussions so far are positive comments – some people is already getting the balloons and the confetti out!

…Sorry guys! Don’t hate me too much, I wish I was happy with the new cast but I am not :/ (for now)

Alberto - Simon and Katherine - Clary
Alberto – Simon and Katherine – Clary on their screen test

The big question is will they have CHEMISTRY? And more important, will Katherine have more chemistry with Dominic (Jace) than Lily Collins had with Jamie Campbell Bower? (Jamie and Lily were igniting the cinema screen, boy). Hum… Cassandra was asked about Simon and Clary and she has no doubts.

Captura de pantalla 2015-05-07 a las 22.49.13

Let’s have faith in Cassandra! If she is involved, everything will be okay *says crossing fingers*.

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