Shadowhunters TV Show Cast: Alec and Luke

No more than 24 hours have passed since wonderful @McG twitted this:

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A brother and a wolf… Ah you mean mean McG, tell us already!! And that he did. Well, not him actually, but we could find out through lovely Cassandra Clare. A brother: Matthew Daddario, casted as Alec Lightwood; and a wolf: Isaiah Mustafa for Luke Garroway’s role.

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Matthew and Isaiah

Right. Can I please open big fat brackets and say “oh my oh my, holy guacamole with new Alec. Or what!”. Blue eyes you say? Oh no, please ABC don’t make him put on contacts, those green eyes are too cute.

…Wait a minute, I am so much more excited about Matthew – Alec than about Dom – Jace, that’s NEW. And unexpected, ah well what are we gonna do, right? There it goes one more reason for watching the tv show. He!

And speaking of, Cassandra shared on her tumblr that cutie Matthew auditioned for Jace’s role. Surprisingly enough, she felt he would make an excellent Alec… in Cassie Clare we trust! Hell yeah.

From Cassie Clare’s tumblr:

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Now that she mentions that The Lightwoods will be a mixed race family, I want to tell you, people, stop complaining about Luke’s casting choice. Oh my! Luke’s ethnicity was different on the books, so what? Big deal.  Well, what do you think, shadowhunters? BTW, Cassandra has shared on one of her social media accounts (don’t remember which one) that they are looking for an Asian Magnus. Yay! Don’t think they are getting Godfrey Gao back but ah well.And before I go…

Matthew Daddario

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  1. Oh my I like the new Alec!! He is in deed a brother… Alexandra Daddario’s (True Detective, Percy Jackson).