The perks of being a Romance lover, an introduction to The Romance Nook section.

Yes. I love Romance. More than that, some days I actually need it. And some other days, I am certain I live for it. I know, I know. You are probably sticking a big, shiny and very likely pink label on my forehead that reads cheesy. But if you’ve been following me a while now, well, you should already know about that fluffy little detail of mine.

So, without further ado, I’d like to inaugurate this new section, The Romance Nook, and while I’m at it, talk about myself and romance – because in case you didn’t know, those go hand in hand… And it’s physically impossible for me not to ramble non stop when I write.

“Ah, love. L. O. V. E. Love.”

Here’s the thing, I have always gravitated towards love in general terms. When I was a little kid, I used to love hearing about princesses and princes that lived happily ever after, and as a teenager I believed that my crush would fall madly and deeply in love with me after spotting me across a classroom full of people and we would be together forever. Yes, I am a hopeless romantic. Or a fool for that matter. In my defense, I’ll just say that those princesses I loved as a kid had to be kickass as much as princessy, and my teenage prince himself was equipped with a badass leather jacket and an electric guitar.

As an adult, every time I find myself looking back I realize how romance and love have always been a constant in my life. And I am not talking only about entertainment, for me love stands high in my priority scale: 9 out of 10 times higher than most of the other aspects in life such as career, money or success, and if not higher then it will always have the same importance.

But we are not here to talk about my relationships and my love life – unless you really really want to. In that case you can always message me for all the gossip. Today, the matter at hand is the romance in literature. Le cheese.

The first book I read that featured a sex scene was one by Marian Keyes and if I recall correctly, I was around 17 or 18 years old – I happen to be a late bloomer. When I got that book from the library, I had no idea what I was doing or what I was getting myself into. That book was my introduction to Chick Lit, which doesn’t exactly fall into the Romance genre per se, but it is mostly about relationships and the love life of mature main characters among other things. Let me tell you, I was instantly hooked and charmed by Keyes, and that book served as introduction for what I call my Marian Keyes reading spree, in which I read every Keyes book I could put my hands on. That led to my newly discovered passion for rom coms and awfully cheesy romantic movies, that for the record, I actually consider outstanding and absolutely brilliant.

It was not until 3 years ago that I read my first New Adult novel and my eyes and soul opened to a new world full of possibilities. Although I must confess: before that, I had an affair with sparkly vampires that don’t talk about feelings while devouring the Twilight series, and I had also flirted briefly with the romance/erotica genre thanks to 50 Shades of how about more talky talky and less frocky frocky. And as you might guess, the latter not exactly successfully.

As I was saying, the New Adult genre was everything I needed as a young woman in my twenties, given that Young Adult literature was starting to feel lacking in some aspects. Don’t get me wrong, I love YA and I will always do, but sometimes I can’t completely identify or connect with the main characters or the issues discussed in the book (dragons, magic and chosen-ones aside). Back then, I sadly realized that somehow I had outgrown most of the YA I was reading and that NA was right there to fill that void.

So here I am today, two years of bookblogging and way too many love stories after, more addicted than ever to The Romance. Which brings me to the whole point of this post, introducing you to a new section on the blog that will be completely and thoroughly dedicated to Romance: the Romance Nook.

What will you find in this new section, the Romance Nook?

From reviews to reading updates, going through anticipated releases and bookish news. This section will be mainly but not specifically dedicated to New Adult and Adult Romance. Occasionally, you will also find posts about Young Adult Romance books. I am not picky with the subgenres, so be ready to read about contemporary, fantasy, paranormal, suspense or even action romance.

I am currently tailoring a romancemeter that will be featured beside every book and that will give you the most important info in a quick glance. Be patient, you will definitely hear more about this.

And finally, I am totally open to suggestions and requests. After all, you guys gave me the last push I needed to create this section after all the requests and all the messages asking the Cheesy Queen for recs – yup, I just appointed myself as Cheese Royalty. Let me know if there is any subgenre you would love to hear about or if you are expecting to see in this section anything in particular. I will be more than happy to comply, this is for me as much as it for you.

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  1. RE! You are my queen. In every way! This post is just breathtaking! Your writing style is killing it and I can’t tell you how talented you are in writing! You might already know how much time I’ll spend in this Romanc Nook. Oh, I am SO excited!
    You will rock this Nook, I know and I am already excitingly (is that even a word?!) waiting for your posts! Hopefully featuring our favorite cookie one day?
    Love you and always remember that you are amazing ❤️

  2. This is such a good idea! I think romance novels are important. Sometimes life is crappy and you need a distraction and there really is nothing better than a sexy romance novel 🙂

  3. “Yes. I love Romance. More than that, some days I actually need it. And some other days, I am certain I live for it.”

    Yes!! My thoughts exactly.
    Loved your article, I think a lot of people can identify to it. I can’t wait to discover this new section.