Mini Review: Never Never (Part I) by Colleen Hoover

Goodreads rating: 4.26/5 | Genre: YA, Contemporary, Romance, Mystery/Suspense

What’s happening? Charlie and Silas wake up not remembering who they are, where they are, or who is the people around them. They have been in love since they were little kids but now they don’t even recognise each other.

Where? High School story/drama with that something different from the typical YA contemporary story: the suspense!

How? Colleen Hoover is involved so, story line super well executed, and the mystery is kept until the end. Love struggles, the reader feels as clueless as the characters and it’s hard to shake off the “What the heck is going on?” feeling from first to last page.

Warning! MASSIVE cliffhanger ending!

Overall feelings: All that suspense killed me. For starters, this genre is not really my usual read, in fact, is not even my favourite genre. The story is definitely very well thought and the suspense surrounding the plot is nicely carried out. That and the fact that this is a short novella with loads of things happening in the span of a few pages makes this book a page turner of sorts. Even if the general feeling is that a lot is going on, as soon as the book ends I couldn’t help but feel that nothing actually really happened besides the fact that the main characters do not remember who they are. So, for me issue number one would be in fact that one; the story seems to move forward but it actually doesn’t. Which is not really a problem regarding the entertaining side of a book, but it can be considered one if the reader actually noticed it.

All in all, I don’t think I get along well with a book that it’s continuously leaving me in the dark. The suspense and the not knowing factor was too high for me and sadly, this didn’t let me enjoy this book completely.

What I liked the most: the old love/new love going full circle between Charlie and Silas. The whole “in love for years and now strangers to each other” kept me interested and wondering when they would be falling for each other again. In this novella love struggles and that’s what I loved the most.

The Bibliotheque Rating:  3/5

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Shadowhunters TV Show Cast: Alec and Luke

No more than 24 hours have passed since wonderful @McG twitted this:

Captura de pantalla 2015-05-09 a las 17.09.04

A brother and a wolf… Ah you mean mean McG, tell us already!! And that he did. Well, not him actually, but we could find out through lovely Cassandra Clare. A brother: Matthew Daddario, casted as Alec Lightwood; and a wolf: Isaiah Mustafa for Luke Garroway’s role.

Captura de pantalla 2015-05-09 a las 17.07.02
Matthew and Isaiah

Right. Can I please open big fat brackets and say “oh my oh my, holy guacamole with new Alec. Or what!”. Blue eyes you say? Oh no, please ABC don’t make him put on contacts, those green eyes are too cute.

…Wait a minute, I am so much more excited about Matthew – Alec than about Dom – Jace, that’s NEW. And unexpected, ah well what are we gonna do, right? There it goes one more reason for watching the tv show. He!

And speaking of, Cassandra shared on her tumblr that cutie Matthew auditioned for Jace’s role. Surprisingly enough, she felt he would make an excellent Alec… in Cassie Clare we trust! Hell yeah.

From Cassie Clare’s tumblr:

Captura de pantalla 2015-05-09 a las 17.21.18

Now that she mentions that The Lightwoods will be a mixed race family, I want to tell you, people, stop complaining about Luke’s casting choice. Oh my! Luke’s ethnicity was different on the books, so what? Big deal.  Well, what do you think, shadowhunters? BTW, Cassandra has shared on one of her social media accounts (don’t remember which one) that they are looking for an Asian Magnus. Yay! Don’t think they are getting Godfrey Gao back but ah well.And before I go…

Matthew Daddario

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Shadowhunters TV Show Cast: Clary

Okay, before reading this post you should know that I have a girl-crush on Lily Collins. I loved her as Clary, I think she is a very talented actress and despite all the blahblah about her not being a red haired or her not being the proper shade or dyed red, she made a wonderful Clary. Remember: she was Cassandra’s first and personal choice cast for the movie.

Filling Lily Collins shoes has to be hard…

Having said that, our new Clary Fray will be played by Katherine McNamara.

Captura de pantalla 2015-05-07 a las 22.29.12

I am guessing you can notice my lack of enthusiasm. I am trying really hard not to be too judgmental before hand. I know, we should wait to see them in character and all that jazz. But so far, I am rather disappointed with Jace and Clary choices, they are just not my Jace and Clary.

What I have read on goodreads discussions so far are positive comments – some people is already getting the balloons and the confetti out!

…Sorry guys! Don’t hate me too much, I wish I was happy with the new cast but I am not :/ (for now)

Alberto - Simon and Katherine - Clary
Alberto – Simon and Katherine – Clary on their screen test

The big question is will they have CHEMISTRY? And more important, will Katherine have more chemistry with Dominic (Jace) than Lily Collins had with Jamie Campbell Bower? (Jamie and Lily were igniting the cinema screen, boy). Hum… Cassandra was asked about Simon and Clary and she has no doubts.

Captura de pantalla 2015-05-07 a las 22.49.13

Let’s have faith in Cassandra! If she is involved, everything will be okay *says crossing fingers*.

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Shadowhunters TV Show Cast: Isabelle and Simon

Dear shadowhunters,

Our cast is filling up! A few days ago producer @McG delivered the new faces for Simon and Isabelle …And today we were supposed to find who will play Clary but seems like we won’t be that lucky. Tomorrow? We will see my friends. We will see… damn you McG. So, I am glad to introduce you (if you still didn’t know about them) Alberto Rosende and Emeraude Toubia.

Emeraude Toubia as Isabelle
Alberto Rosende as Simon

For now we can just fight each other about why and why not we like/love/hate these actors. Which, let me tell you, is kind of pointless… I mean, we better wait to see how well they get into character right? And also, how ABC Family handles the production and the script.

So, now we just have to wait…

Captura de pantalla 2015-05-06 a las 19.12.09


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Juicy news: Iniquity (book #5 Premonition Series)

Guys, you guys!

Remember the Premonition series? I really thought Amy A. Bartol was going to leave us like that, with the series unfinished and the last book not published… But no!

Amy herself has communicated the good news, via her blog on Goodreads. It is quite sad though that she only posted this info as a “note” at the end of a Kricket series post. But ah well… at least she said something right? (Screenshot from her post below)

Captura de pantalla 2015-05-05 a las 14.46.22

That’s it! I don’t want to build a lot of expectations about when the release date would be, but at least we know she is working on it. An update more than welcome!

Now my dear Ms Bartol, please put your writing pants on, and go for it!

BTW if you have not read the rest of The Premonition series books, check my review and give it a thought here the link

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