Review: This Song Will Save Your Life by Leila Sales

Music. I like to think there are different groups of people in the world according to what music represents for them. For some people, it is just noise on the background that makes them feel less lonely. For some other people, it is a passion, something they love and need. Then, there’s people who is dedicated to it, music becomes their job. Finally, for only a few people, music is a lifejacket, it is something that gives them the strength they don’t find anywhere else, it gives them a reason to be.

Elise Dembowski belongs to the last group.

This Song Will Save Your Life is the story of Elise, a story of not fitting in. A story that tells us not to give up, even when we are at our darkest time, because sooner or later we will find what gives us strength to keep going. For Elise, music.

How beautiful is that, huh?

I realized I have been avoiding YA novels that might break my heart. I know, that’s naïve, but most of the times I rather read a cheesy novel. I am not a huge fan of dealing with sories that leave me thinking “Damn, life really sucks sometimes”. The thing is that I have been looking at this the wrong way, I should be channeling those feelings into something like “I am damn lucky to have such an easy life!”. This doesn’t mean that I like any less my cheesy stories, hell, I live and breathe for love and happy endings, but slowly I am opening my mind to a little more of realistic fiction and a little less of happy-flower-power.

“That’s the problem with life. You never get enough time to stare at your ceiling and try to figure out what’s going on.”

This Song Will Save your Life is a wonderful and realistic reading. If you are a bit of a music geek, specially those of you who were born in the wrong decade, this novel will make you smile with The Cure, The Clash, The Smiths or Joy Division between many others.

“I believe that a person’s taste in music tells you a lot about them. In some cases, it tells you everything you need to know.”

Rating the Bibliotheque: 4/5

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Review: Bully by Penelope Douglas

Genre: NA, contemporary | This review contains spoilers!

This book has been in my TBR shelf for quite some time. I can’t tell why exactly, but I had this feeling it was going to disappoint me and…

Ding ding ding! I was right.

First of all, bullying. Okay. By reading the synopsis, you get that Tate is, at some point, bullied by her – let’s say – love interest. Let’s stop there for a minute, shall we? Is it just me or that sounds terrible? Could anyone at any point fall in love or remain in love with someone that is bullying them?

Even being skeptical and having those important questions before starting the book, I decided to put my reading pants on and give it a chance. Believe me, I sort of get the appeal of the classic “bad boy is mean to good girl because he secretly loves her“. So I just hoped for the best and prayed that this story was not going to be a “bad boy bullies good girl because he secretly loves her” because that, my friends, I could never understand.

The worst part is that this book was indeed what I suspected. The love interest, does in fact bully the female character. And that very same female MC stays in love with him regardless. Now, the saddest part was that what I just mentioned is not the only negative aspect of the book. I hate to say this, but not even the array of characters made any sense. Let’s break it down.

Jared, the bully. Jared and Tate are best friends for years, until Jared goes away for a whole summer to his (spoiler alert: abusive) dad and comes back changed. And when I say changed, I mean he comes back, finishes off any childhood friendship with Tate and turns her life into high school hell. If you were not popular during that part of your life, you know how big of a deal that is. Not only not being popular per se, but being made fun of by the popular kids. That’s terrible and a huge deal and, unfortunately, happens all the time. That is something that can turn a teenager’s life miserable. Bullying is present and a real problem. So excuse me if I just don’t buy the whole I did it because I love you thing. Jared made Tate miserable during 2 years, he spread nasty rumours about her and he made sure no guy approached her, leaving Tate with only one friend, K.C. And what a friend by the way.

K.C., the “best friend”. She is supposed to be Tate’s bestie and in my opinion her character butchers the term of friendship in the first place. K.C. encourages Tate to live her life and try not to think about the bullying and the bullies. All good there. Then, K.C. finds out her boyfriend cheated on her and she goes and hooks up with – brace yourselfJared! The bully!? Let me stop you there, Penelope Douglas, because if that’s your definition of friendship there is something wrong with you. K.C. entangles herself with Jared knowing how cruel that boy was to her supposed best friend. But apparently it’s ok because he is so hot and popular and deep down such a good boy. If that didn’t send you away running, let me add that even if he was in fact a good boy deep down, and even if he had asked for redemption and stopped the bullying, how good of a best friend is one that doesn’t realise that Tate has been in love with him all this time!? Not a good one, no. Or at least not an observant one. But let’s go back to Tate and the fact that she has been in love with her bully.

Tate, the “good girl”. As I said, let’s pick this up where I said that Tate has loved Jared all the time. Yes, that. This is not a drill, it’s real. During the first chapters I couldn’t believe my eyes. But the obvious crush on her bully is not even the worst, Tate’s almost bipolar track of thoughts was also disturbing. She would go from how much she hated him to how hot he was on those jeans and shirt and blah blah blah. I tried really hard to understand her and put myself in her position and I came up with nothing. I can see that Tate was in love with the guy Jared used to be, but what I could never understand is how could she not fall out of love if said guy is making her life miserable in the present. A part from that, let me highlight how aggressive Tate’s character was. It’s not once and not twice but 4 times that she punches somebody (who might have deserved it) in the face. But still, even if someone deserves it, violence? Yikes.

To conclude, I would like to highlight that as hurt, broken or traumatised someone could be (Jared), if that person’s way of proving that you are the love of their life is by isolating you and bullying you… That someone doesn’t love you. And I think you should get away real fast.

Rating the Bibliothèque: 1/5

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Iniquity Release Date, The Premonition series #5

FINALLY! We have a release date for Iniquity, #5 and last book of The Premonition Series: December 8th 2015.

Captura de pantalla 2015-08-11 a las 20.55.45

The news arrived via Amy A. Bartol’s facebook page, as you can see above. I can not believe it! We waited and waited and then, waited some more. But it’s finally here! Well, now we know when will it be actually here. Now, this happened before and the release was postponed, so I won’t go fully fan-girl on you. Not yet. Plus, there is no cover or description on goodreads.

Captura de pantalla 2015-08-11 a las 21.06.24

Let’s be cautious, guys, this is very suspicious.

The cover has been revealed! Check it here

Read my review: here

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Review: Never Never (Part II) by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher

This book is for all of you who love happy ever afters and forgave me for the ending of part one. It was Tarryn’s fault.

~Colleen Hoover

That’s the way this book starts. Yes, I sang victory, I was overflowed with joy. I thought I was finally getting answers! Maybe even getting a happy ending. Well, NO.

Those words from the authors were promising something I didn’t get. Those words fooled me.

I am starting to think that this series is just not for me. Maybe all this suspense is just not my cup of tea. I could have managed all the unresolved questions for a while, but 2 books is torture. The worst part is that I am stubborn to the point of finding myself forced to finish this series. I will go through this torture of not knowing what the heck is going on while waiting for book number 3. Which, by the way, has no release date, no cover and no nothing. And I just can’t deal with this. So, if you are here looking for answers: well, there are no answers! If you hoped for a spoiler review, you are not in luck either.

But let me tell you something, if you have not read Never Never Part One, and you are not good at handling cliffhangers well, then listen to me and wait until all three books are published. Because this gets ugly. Real fast.

– As you can see, this is not even a review. But I just CAN’T right now.

Rating The Bibliotheque: 3/5


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Iniquity #5 Premonition series… still in progress?

These past few weeks, I noticed that the views on my last post about the release date for Iniquity by Amy A. Bartol have been increasing quite a lot. I think someone is getting anxious over here… *cough cough*

As you already know if you are a fan of Ms Bartol and her unfinished The Premonition series, Iniquity  the fifth and last book of the series – is not published yet. Neither the release date, nor the cover. We have nothing. No-thing. It seems like we have effing reasons to get anxious here! So, guys, follow my instructions and take a big fat cleansing breath and let’s  grasp a tiny ray of hope together:

Captura de pantalla 2015-07-17 a las 18.26.12 11696544_911130002266589_4803258475890836745_o

As you see, Amy is INDEED working on it. That’s something! We know she is on Chapter 16still?! already!? wait what? is it a lot or not enough?! Amy what are you doing to us!? – Excuse my breve bipolar panic attack, but this is really confusing. She’s been working on this book forever and a day, so now I don’t know if I should be impressed with 16 chapters. I mean, 16 chapters since 2012 looks like a fairly slow writing speed. And believe me, I don’t want to sound bitter.

… Okay I apologize for my bitterness and for my, maybe, mean and sarcastic comment on her writing speed. At least she listens to Sufjan Stevens while writing… 10 points to Amy A. Bartol! Anyway, the images above are from Amy’s facebook. This is the newest update on all this Iniquity mess – because, let’s say it, it is a mess – just try to keep calm and keep on waiting forever and ever wait for the release date.

*Remember to check the cover and the release date… Click here 

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