Summer Wrap-up, I know I’m late but I am back!

Okay, guys. I am the worst.

Now that we have stated that, we can proceed to my Summer wrap up. Because flash news, Summer is over. And this are not tears okay? I am fine with it. Totally fine. Even if the first of September knocked me down on my a… behind with a wave of wind and rain. Not cool, guys, not cool. But that doesn’t excuse the fact that I have not set foot on this blog since July. Anyway, here we are, second half of September and wrapping up my Summer reads. Which by the way, were not spectacular. But ah well, at least they were hot. Somehow. Just come in and have a look. But this was so not totally cool, 2017, you ripped me away from Summer and left me all like

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Feminism, the f-word we should all talk about

Honey, we need to talk. There is something very important we must discuss and I don’t care it’s late or that you are tired after work. You see, a few weeks ago I finally read We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and besides nodding all my way through the short book, and falling in love with Chimamanda’s mind, I felt like this topic was one we really need to talk about. So what started as a review of the book, ended being a very lengthy and honest discussion about feminism. Very, very lengthy, I must say. Sometimes I have no control over my ranting, you know that. So to make it a little bit lighter I added some gifs and quotes from the book. But jokes aside, this IS important. And I ask you to read it, to the extent that you are capable of, all the ranting considered. But please, give it a try.

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Wrapping up June with all things cool and bookish

Salutations booksters, I hope you are having a wonderful Summer filled with big hats, smoothies in mason jars, fringed vests, craft beer festivals and plenty of wonderful reads. You know, so you can be your very own and best bookish hipster. Anyway, my Summer is far from what I just described as a bookster ideal. While I wish I was in a festival with my flowery dress and my oversized sun glasses, my adventures are reduced to basically going from and to work with a book inside my tote bag. But hey, at least I have time to blog. I guess.

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2017 Mid Year Recap: six months, six favourites

I remember when my grandmother used to tell me something like “aprovecha ahora, que después te haces vieja como yo y el tiempo vuela!”. No, my granny was not crazy, she is just Spanish. If you want to get all stereotypical then yes, she might be a little crazy, or what we like to call passionate. Anyway, what she would tell me translates to something like we youngsters should make the best use of time now, before we go and grow old, because time flies when you are all wrinkled. At least according to grandma.

And you know what? That woman is right as a Saint. And yes, that is another Spanish saying directly translated to English. I might have inherited some of granny’s passion, but I do feel like every year time flies by faster. I mean, look at us now, talking about mid year recaps when I didn’t even have time to start the diet I promised on my New Year’s resolution list. Oops.

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Bookstagram for beginners. Tips & Advice by The Bibliotheque.

During the last few weeks I have been getting more and more messages asking me for bookstagram tips and advice. This gave me the best excuse to finally sit down and give form to this post I have been wanting to write for a while. Before you dive into it, know that there is a big part of rambling. If you get through that, you are a champion – and you must like me very much.

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