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Review Policy

I am happy to accept print copies and e-copies on occasion and I reserve the right to refuse to review a book. If I accept to read and review a book, I will share my honest review in this blog and/or any of my other social profiles: goodreads, twitter, instagram, bloglovin, and/or facebook.

Preferred genres: YA + NA (fantasy & contemporary), Women’s fic, Romance.

Genres I will (very likely) not accept for review: Sci-Fi, Dystopia, Horror.

*Note: Due to the amount of review requests I receive (and the complete mess my TBR and life are at the moment), please do not take it personal if I it takes me some time to reply to your message or if I don’t accept your request. I am aware of how hard it is for indie authors to make it and how much effort you put on your stories and work. I value how brave that is, so don’t give up!

Rating System

5/5 ★★★★Ÿ★Ÿ Absolutely loved it and I will shove it in everybody’s faces

4/5 ★★★★Seriously good, you must read this book

3/5 ★★★✩✩ Not bad at all, but something didn’t really do it for me

2/5 ★★✩✩ Not good. I certainly struggled with something about it

1/5 ★✩✩ No. Nope. Do not read this book.


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