Why Stranger Things is the greatest thing ever and how it empowers girls and break stereotypes

Stranger Things was the biggest and greatest surprise last year, and with this new season that was just released, Netflix has done it again. This show has rocked my life for a second time, and guys, this is not something that happens often. The first season, released last year 2016, was an ode to the 80’s and a hymn for nerds and outcasts. But this second time around, I couldn’t help but notice that what was a sidekick during season one, stomped into the room and stole the spotlight: GIRL POWER.

SPOILERS AHEAD! Read at your own risk!
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Victoria Schwab confirms that ADSOM is being developed for TV!

Victoria Schwab has confirmed that A Darker Shade of Magic is being developed for tv. And this is the best thing eveeeeeeer.

Guys, you need to read this. I am flipping out right now. Okay, let’s talk business here and stop with the rambling and the exclamation points.

I was randomly checking Victoria Schwab’s goodreads profile and I noticed she just updated her blog she updated her blog like a month ago WITH THE MOST AMAZING NEWS EVER. And caps are totally necessary.

You can check the source here.

In her post, Schwab confirms that ADSOM is being developed for a limited tv series in the 10-12 episodes format. But there’s more, oh yes, much more. Schwab has been working with her producer on the script for 6 months, so we know now she will be involved in the project. Which is fantastic! I think when the author has a high degree of involvement in the adaptation, the final result is just better. Closer to what we already love.

Here’s a part of her post:

Q: You’re writing the script?!?!

A: I am indeed. When the producers asked me if I wanted to write the pilot, I thought long and hard about whether it was the right decision. One of my primary reasons for agreeing to adapt the material was the creative control, the opportunity to dictate the aesthetic and story. My producers have involved me in every decision, and promise to continue doing so, and I’m immeasurably grateful. This means that if ADSOM comes to TV, it will do so with my seal of approval. 🙂

The not so good news is that the airing of the show is yet not definitive. So, chances are this project might not take off, but let’s focus on the great start and on the fact that it is currently a work in progress.

Now, we fangirl.

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Let’s talk about Shadowhunters TV show


For months, I posted updates on the upcoming Shadowhunters tv show. For months, not only my excitement but also my expectations grew stronger. Now, I’ve been debating with myself whether or not to post some sort of recap or thoughts on the show. Why? you might ask. Well, let’s say my relationship with what I’ve seen so far is complicated.

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Shadowhunters TV show – Full Cast

It’s been a while since I post any news on the Shadowhunters upcoming tv show, but I was waiting for the shooting to start. Now that all the main roles have new faces, let’s give them a final check.

Captura de pantalla 2015-05-29 a las 19.37.00
Main Cast, characters from left to right: Luke, Simon, Jace, Clary, Isabel and Alec

Clary Fray – Katherine McNamara             Jace Wayland – Dominic Sherwood

Simon Lewis – Alberto Rosende                      Isabelle Lightwood – Emeraude Toubia

Alec Lightwood – Matthew Daddario                 Magnus Bane – Harry Shum Jr.

Jocelyn Fray – Maxim Roy                           Luke Garroway – Isaiah Mustafa     

Valentine Morgenstern – Alan Van Sprang                     HodgeJon Cor

Captura de pantalla 2015-05-29 a las 19.50.23
Left: Alec and Magnus. Top right: Simon, Clary and Jace. Bottom right: Jocelyn and Clary
Captura de pantalla 2015-05-29 a las 19.54.31
Last but not least: Valentine and Hodge

What do you guys think? I was not too convince with some of the actor/actress choices, but now… I don’t know, to be honest, my excitement is growing every day with all these photos we are getting. Speaking of! I’m not sure everyone is aware of this but if you have a Twitter account is the main source for Shadowhunters news. The VIP accounts are the following ones (click on them):





Check them every now and then (or a couple of times a day if you have a serious shadowhuntession), they’ll keep you shadowhuntinformed! Yes, yes, I’ll quit with the awful word games already.

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Shadowhunters TV Show Cast: Alec and Luke

No more than 24 hours have passed since wonderful @McG twitted this:

Captura de pantalla 2015-05-09 a las 17.09.04

A brother and a wolf… Ah you mean mean McG, tell us already!! And that he did. Well, not him actually, but we could find out through lovely Cassandra Clare. A brother: Matthew Daddario, casted as Alec Lightwood; and a wolf: Isaiah Mustafa for Luke Garroway’s role.

Captura de pantalla 2015-05-09 a las 17.07.02
Matthew and Isaiah

Right. Can I please open big fat brackets and say “oh my oh my, holy guacamole with new Alec. Or what!”. Blue eyes you say? Oh no, please ABC don’t make him put on contacts, those green eyes are too cute.

…Wait a minute, I am so much more excited about Matthew – Alec than about Dom – Jace, that’s NEW. And unexpected, ah well what are we gonna do, right? There it goes one more reason for watching the tv show. He!

And speaking of, Cassandra shared on her tumblr that cutie Matthew auditioned for Jace’s role. Surprisingly enough, she felt he would make an excellent Alec… in Cassie Clare we trust! Hell yeah.

From Cassie Clare’s tumblr:

Captura de pantalla 2015-05-09 a las 17.21.18

Now that she mentions that The Lightwoods will be a mixed race family, I want to tell you, people, stop complaining about Luke’s casting choice. Oh my! Luke’s ethnicity was different on the books, so what? Big deal.  Well, what do you think, shadowhunters? BTW, Cassandra has shared on one of her social media accounts (don’t remember which one) that they are looking for an Asian Magnus. Yay! Don’t think they are getting Godfrey Gao back but ah well.And before I go…

Matthew Daddario

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