2017 in books: favourites and disappointments. It’s never too late to talk about books.

One of my New Year’s resolutions, and probably the only one I am going to try the hardest to commit to, is updating the blog more. Like, regularly. I know right? Shocker. As you are well aware of, I have neglected the blog during the last weeks. Okay, okay. A month and a half MAYBE. But moving on, new year, new dreams. And in this case, it’s time to shovel and make up for the time lost. And what’s better than closing the 2017 chapter of our lives with a Best and Worst?

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5 romance books that will keep you warm this winter – Guest post by The Romance Room blog

Hey guys! Today I’ve teamed up with the absolutely wonderful The Bibliotheque to bring you my top 5 romance reads for winter. It’s getting cold where my friends are over the other side of the world, which means it’s almost time to say goodbye to the beaches and piná-coladas and say hello to sweat-pants and a wine in front of the fire. But never fear! I’m here to help you with an accessory you cannot live without in the colder months….

A good book.

So sit back, charge up those kindles and find your favourite woollen blanket because you won’t be going anywhere all season.

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2017 Mid Year Recap: six months, six favourites

I remember when my grandmother used to tell me something like “aprovecha ahora, que después te haces vieja como yo y el tiempo vuela!”. No, my granny was not crazy, she is just Spanish. If you want to get all stereotypical then yes, she might be a little crazy, or what we like to call passionate. Anyway, what she would tell me translates to something like we youngsters should make the best use of time now, before we go and grow old, because time flies when you are all wrinkled. At least according to grandma.

And you know what? That woman is right as a Saint. And yes, that is another Spanish saying directly translated to English. I might have inherited some of granny’s passion, but I do feel like every year time flies by faster. I mean, look at us now, talking about mid year recaps when I didn’t even have time to start the diet I promised on my New Year’s resolution list. Oops.

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A Court of Mist and Fury, an ode to Rhysand.

For the ones confused after reading the title of this post, yes this is my A Court of Mist and Fury review. And, yes, this post in my way of expressing my undying love for Rhysand. Yet again, yes, this review was originally posted in my former blog in wordpress but somehow it got lost when I imported my content, so I’d like to take this opportunity to share it with you now that ACOWAR is releasing in a few days. Cue to screaming and fangirling like there’s no tomorrow.

So, this is a call for Rhysand lovers, this is a love letter to The High Lord of our Hearts. It contains high level of fangirling, swooning, quotes, aesthetics and some embarrassing confessions.

*This post is free of spoilers.

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