2017 Mid Year Recap: six months, six favourites

I remember when my grandmother used to tell me something like “aprovecha ahora, que después te haces vieja como yo y el tiempo vuela!”. No, my granny was not crazy, she is just Spanish. If you want to get all stereotypical then yes, she might be a little crazy, or what we like to call passionate. Anyway, what she would tell me translates to something like we youngsters should make the best use of time now, before we go and grow old, because time flies when you are all wrinkled. At least according to grandma.

And you know what? That woman is right as a Saint. And yes, that is another Spanish saying directly translated to English. I might have inherited some of granny’s passion, but I do feel like every year time flies by faster. I mean, look at us now, talking about mid year recaps when I didn’t even have time to start the diet I promised on my New Year’s resolution list. Oops.

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A Court of Mist and Fury, an ode to Rhysand.

For the ones confused after reading the title of this post, yes this is my A Court of Mist and Fury review. And, yes, this post in my way of expressing my undying love for Rhysand. Yet again, yes, this review was originally posted in my former blog in wordpress but somehow it got lost when I imported my content, so I’d like to take this opportunity to share it with you now that ACOWAR is releasing in a few days. Cue to screaming and fangirling like there’s no tomorrow.

So, this is a call for Rhysand lovers, this is a love letter to The High Lord of our Hearts. It contains high level of fangirling, swooning, quotes, aesthetics and some embarrassing confessions.

*This post is free of spoilers.

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The Animal under the Fur by E. J. Mellow. Review, blitz & giveaway!

What. A. Ride. I must confess, I was instantly drawn to this book because of its title, The Animal under the Fur, but also because it is not often I find a book cover so beautiful and vibrant. I am human after all, and sometimes I can’t help being superficial like that… Only with books, I promise. This time around I can only celebrate I let that shallow side of myself take over, because as I was saying earlier this book was a RIDE. The Animal under the Fur is gripping, extremely entertaining, badass and over all, refreshingly good!

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Review: A Boy Like You by Ginger Scott


Ginger Scott, you did it again.

I am miserably and barely getting over the serious case of feels A Boy Like You has given me. Truth be told, it is really my pleasure – painful but welcome, okay – because this year I had not yet found a love story that completely won me over. But the best part is that this book is special in many other aspects as well.

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