Books are my Valentine. These romance releases are HOT and right out the oven.

Booksters, I am feeling all the pressure. The day is upon us. Shop windows have been puking rainbows and hearts for a few weeks now. And I know that some of you don’t give two f…rogs about love and its pertinent celebration. But the day in which we grace the arrival of a certain half naked angel that throws arrows in his quest of finding us a significant other is here nonetheless. So we may as well accept all the chocolate we can get, am I right? After all, tinder dates don’t come wrapped in a sweet and chocolatey exterior.

Listen, I know you don’t want to hear it but I’ll say it anyway just for the sake of being stubborn – and because I love to make a point when I am right, which is most of times *winks*. Love should be celebrated each and every day of the year. But for those of you feeling particularly extra, I am here for you regardless. I celebrate Valentine’s every time I pick up a romance book, and trust me, that is so often I could very well start throwing arrows around. But I want to keep my job and sanity so instead, I am bringing you seven of the latest romance releases. Because we need no partner to celebrate love. We need no roses, no chocolates and no corny cards. Books can be your Valentine. So scroll down and indulge your inner cheeseball. But careful, some of these reads are HOT.

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Books and relationships: pick your partner wisely. OR RECKLESSLY

Ah, my two passions in life. Books and cheese, I mean, love. The cheesy kind, of course. But after reading the title of my post and my cheestastic confession, you may wonder what brie has to do with love, relationships and literature. And you are probably right, for most people, they do not share much common ground – a part from having a seriously creamy and satisfying interior. But my cheesy mind wants to think otherwise and I have come to the realization that books and relationships do have a lot in common. So bear with my silly cheesnificent puns, and let’s cut to the cheese.

I mean… chase.

*I swear, that was the last one.

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2017 in books: favourites and disappointments. It’s never too late to talk about books.

One of my New Year’s resolutions, and probably the only one I am going to try the hardest to commit to, is updating the blog more. Like, regularly. I know right? Shocker. As you are well aware of, I have neglected the blog during the last weeks. Okay, okay. A month and a half MAYBE. But moving on, new year, new dreams. And in this case, it’s time to shovel and make up for the time lost. And what’s better than closing the 2017 chapter of our lives with a Best and Worst?

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Feminism, the f-word we should all talk about

Honey, we need to talk. There is something very important we must discuss and I don’t care it’s late or that you are tired after work. You see, a few weeks ago I finally read We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and besides nodding all my way through the short book, and falling in love with Chimamanda’s mind, I felt like this topic was one we really need to talk about. So what started as a review of the book, ended being a very lengthy and honest discussion about feminism. Very, very lengthy, I must say. Sometimes I have no control over my ranting, you know that. So to make it a little bit lighter I added some gifs and quotes from the book. But jokes aside, this IS important. And I ask you to read it, to the extent that you are capable of, all the ranting considered. But please, give it a try.

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