The Bibliotheque Blog is run by a twenty-something girl, who loves to devour YA and NA literature during her free time. Okay… maybe it all started during my free time and now it’s almost an obsession. Alright, alright, not almost. I have a serious problem of addiction.

Either way, I am here to share with the world my guilty pleasure, so I’d like to welcome you to my teeny tiny corner in the internet. Here, you’ll find my take on literature, lifestyle and travelling. Or in other words, here is where I will spill my heart out for you all.

On a different note, something really important you should know about me is that I am a helpless romantic. And yes, I fall into the romantic stereotype, head first and all in. Trust me, I check all the boxes on that department. I blame all the Disney movies that helped raising me. Anyway, this fact about me has a huge impact on my taste in books, life choices and it’s most likely the one to blame for my completely useless knowledge of Disney songs by heart. Being the hopeless romantic I am, I basically live for the ships and the shipping. That is why I have no filter whatsoever when picking a book as long as I know it includes an ocean full of ships. What? You don’t know what I am talking about? I’d like to quote a wise and well known palaeontologist, Ross Geller: “Ah, love. L. O. V. E. Love.” It’s all about the love, people.

If you like what you see and read, please let’s be friends and stalk each other, secretly or not, that’s really up to you. I don’t really mind if you want to love from afar or if you’d like to spam my accounts with all your bookish love instead. But I’d like to encourage you to contact me, leave a message or add me on any of my social links. It’s all about the love.


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  1. LOVE THIS!! I have an addiction to Young Adult and New Adult fiction too! I am on a Colleen Hoover kick right now. Glad you found me, because I can’t wait to read more of your reviews! 🙂

  2. Thanks for liking my post. You have a great, fun, and enjoyable writing style. I’m the mother of a teenager, and I enjoy YA and other KidLit. All perfectly normal to me.

      1. Do you mind me asking how you display your follower count? I can’t figure it out :/ I looked in widgets but can’t find that partuicular one. Apologies, I’m such a newbie !!!

        1. Of course! You have to go to Customize – Widgets – Follow Button and then, there’s an option for “Show Follower Count” (within that very same widget) 🙂 Let me know if you can’t find it this way!

          1. Thanks so much for taking the time to explain. I have taken note of this and will refer to it again in a couple of weeks when I have better stat numbers to publish 😉

  3. Hello fellow book lover! I love love love your blog! I love your content and I especially love your blog design and the beautiful graphics that you have! Do you design them yourself? xoxo

    1. Hi Josephine! 🙂 Thank you so MUCH! That means a lot coming from you, really, my aim is to have a blog like yours one day. Then, the graphics, I use a tool/web that I found in one of those “have a unique blog” articles. There, you can find patterns, templates, frames, etc so you can play around with them and create your infographics.

      1. Oh gosh, I’m flattered! I think your blog is exceptional!
        I’d love to know what you use, I’m very curious when it comes to graphics, graphic design is an area that intrigues me greatly! xoxo

  4. Hey, I was surfing your blog (again 😀 ) and I had a thought. I wanted to ask where you make your headers and the blog title and such. They look great! The bibliothèque wreath looks very nice and I wanted to know where you make them. Is it a program or a website? Please let me know.

    Love and books,

    1. Hi Veda 🙂 Thank you so much, I am super happy you like them, I use a website for creating infographics! It’s pretty lame because I found it googling “how to create graphics for a blog” back when I started the bibliothèque. If you google “infographics” the 3 or 4 first search results are good picks. Then, I can recommend FREEPIK, which was recommended to me on twitter by Read At Midnight, I haven’t use that one yet but maybe I try in the future (they are super lovely stuff there). I hope this helps Veda! 🙂 Are you on twitter? I can’t remember if we are following each other already, I’d totally like to if we don’t 🙂

        1. Also, which website do you use if you don’t mind telling me? I love graphic designing and sometimes I do it to kill time so I can’t help but be curious!! 😀 😀 Thank you!

  5. Hi! Your blog is really lovely and your posts are so creative! But how come you just created your Bookstagram just this month? I started with Bookstagram to connect and ‘attract’ other bibliophiles to my blog, but yours seems to be doing really well!

    1. Hi 🙂 thanks so much! Well I always thought of starting bookstagraming but never did it … Honestly, I’m not sure why. I guess it’s never too late 🙂 thanks for passing by and for your lovely words!

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